Iron Eagle Challenge

QIC: Tiny Tank

Date: 12-14-18

# of PAX: 11 (7 🦅’s & 4 🏃🏻‍♂️’s)

PAX: 8Penny, Hammer Head, Hooch, Punky, Tea Party, Tiny Tank, Tombstone

Ultra Runners: EPO, Hoff, Pony Express, Sloppy Joe

Warm Up:

Long mosey to the Stadium.


Iron Eagle Challenge: Perform 4 rounds of:

⁃ 50 x Squats

⁃ 40 x LBCs

⁃ 30 x Merkins

⁃ 20 x Bobby Hurley’s

⁃ 10 x Burpees

⁃ SE 400 meter (Up/Down every set of stairs on both sides of stadium – 10 total)

Mosey back to the flag for COT.


Strong work men!

Great job 8Penny! Only pax to complete 4 rounds before time ran out.

Punky is killing it. He hasn’t even been posting for a month and is crushing it like he’s been at it for years!

Way to push Tombstone. No longer the 6 and pushing the pack leaders!

The Cape Fear Ghost Flag is loving its time with the Screaming Eagles.

Please turn in all Eagle tree gifts to Hooch by Monday.

Always a pleasure to lead and push the rock with my fellow F3 brothers in the gloom!

Tiny Tank



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