Deck-o-Cards Beatdown

QIC: Bluegrass

Date: 12/14/18

# of Pax: 7

PAX: Cannoli, Snickers, Stretch, Brady, Pistol Pete, Bolt, Sonic

So looking back at my last Q, it rained that day as well…..sorry for bringing the rain again Men.

I wanted to keep the theme rolling today from Monday. In honor of the men who gave it all in Afghanistan late last month. I had the idea for today’s workout which was inspired by my own personal experience. While I was deployed last year we did a similar work out with the deck of playing cards. This one goes out to those who served with the 386th Expeditionary Communications Squadron – Ali Al Salem, Kuwait – 2017.

Warm Up

SSH – IC – x25

Cotton Pickers – IC – x20

Moroccan Night Clubs – IC – x20

The Thang

The dreaded deck of cards:

diamond    PUSH-UPS  = 95

clubs SQUATS  = 95

hearts BURPEES  = 95

spade BIG BOY SIT-UPS  = 95

JOKER = 1 MINUTE LOW PLANK (I had 4 total in the deck)

A random shuffle off we went!!

After rolling through the entire deck we moved on over to a modified version of 11’s…which I like to call 5’s for times sake.

Side 1 – Wall Ups

Side 2 – Bobby Hurley’s


On our 6

Raised to 6″

Spread Open at 6″

Back Together for Flutter Kicks – IC – x25

Plank-o-Rama – 10-count alternating positions


Prayers for all the unspoken requests, Military and First Responders.

We had 2 more from the Leland AO sign the board today….see instagram and twitter for pictures….Great work Brady and Cannoli!!

Snickers hope that neck gets to feeling better!

Cannoli, Brady, Stretch – every time I looked up you guys had already finished the reps – Strong work!

Pistol Pete, Bolt and Sonic – love bringing you knuckleheads out in the gloom!


Bluegrass humbly out!



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