12 Days of Christmas (F3 version)

DATE:  12/13/18

QIC:  Mr. Kotter

AO:  Battleship

PAX:  Hoveround, Money Gun, Tiny Dancer, Blue Steel, Fire Marshal Bill, Ozone (G’boro), Milli Vinilli

WARMARAMA:  SSH x 30,  IW x 20, Arm Circles x 20, Indian Run to Federal Building


Today marks 12 days to Christmas so let’s celebrate with a 12 Days of Christmas Escalator!!  Pax spread out at base of Fed Bldg steps.  For each day of Christmas, pax go up that many steps, return to sidewalk and do an exercise for that day.  As the days progress, pax completes the new exercise  and ALL preceding exercises (just like the song).

”On the first day of Christmas my Q gave to me…

  1. diamond merkin
  2. wide arm merkins
  3. monkey humpers
  4. decline merkins
  5. buuurrpeees
  6. sumo squats (4 count)
  7. shoulder taps (2 count)
  8. Mike Tysons
  9. Chuck Norris Knerkins (knuckles)
  10. dips
  11. leaping lunges (2 count)
  12. dry dock merkins

Next, mosey down block to corner of Market and Water St. for sprints to Front St. Before each sprint, a pax shares his Christmas wish…everything from phone service and new workout gloves to healing of the sick and family joy.  8 pax = 8 sprints.   Mosey back to AO


American Hammers x 20,  Hello Dollys  x 20


Prayers for Niles’ brother Rainmaker. (See Niles’ article in latest newsletter for an honest and touching account of his struggle with his brother’s cancer diagnosis.)


Thank you for the opportunity to lead. I enjoyed making my Christmas list and hope it gave you the workout you deserve.

Wishing you you all a very Merkin Christmas!!!

Mr. Kotter


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