CO-Q “We Sawyer Bone”

Date: 12-12-18

QIC: Tom Sawyer & Bone Spur

# of Pax: (10) Busted Grill, Trump, Flight Nurse, Gerber, Crepe Face, THE Adjuster, 8 Penny, Bone Spur, Parrot Head….so sorry PH 😦 & YHC

The mission of our F3 is to Plant, Grow & Serve small workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership. AYE!

YHC discussed the plain simple truth that I AM NOT A PROFESSIONAL! Exercise at your own peril and modify if you need.  We did that!

The Thang:

Warm Up:

15 cotton pickers – IC

15 Seal Claps – IC

15 Hairy Rockets – IC

15 Cross Country Skis – IC


The Halyburton Loop:

Let’s stroll the 1.4 mile Halyburton Loop trail….keep together.  Interval Indian Run made the run so much more friendly!


Balls to the Wall:

10 PAX each held a 7 count per PAX as we went around….yep that is 70 seconds combined of continuous holding!

Mosey to Courtyard for………………THE Halyburton Butterfly dun…..dun…..dun!!!


The Halyburton Butterfly:

** If you must ask what the heck this is then you need to be at The Battlefield…we know!

P1/P2 Face Each Other and do 30 V ups

Take off on the butterfly and reunite with your P1/P2 back at Courtyard

P1/P2 Face Each Other and do 20 (4 count) Hello Dollys.

Take off on the butterfly and reunite with your P1/P2 back at Courtyard

P1/P2 Face Each Other and do 30 (4 count) copperhead squats.

Take off on the butterfly and reunite with your P1/P2 back at Courtyard

MARY – Yep, we did some….

SPEED 11’s:

Knee wall (KW1) to Knee wall (KW2) is @ 20 yards apart

10 step ups on KW1 and run to KW2 for 1 burpee…run back to KW1 for

9-2; 8-3, 7-4, etc. down to 1-10….YEP, that’s 55 burpees…SOLID work PAX

MARY – Yes sir, we did some again…..

Jail break back to AO


Countorama – Still had 10 PAX….that’s a real good thing.  No FNG’s so that MUST change!!

Nameorama – Yep, we did this too…..Carl was there 2 X’s!  Parrot Head….so sorry 😦

Prayers, Praises & Announcements – #1) Gerber passed his General Contracting licensing exam.  Nice work buddy and watch out New Hanover Co. skyline. #2) Praise from Parrot Head to our own Flight Nurse for supporting him through the night during the GoRuck they both did this past weekend.  FN totally helped him through some tough times during the wee hours when the rats started running in the head (like they do!!) and changed his perspective!  #3) Prayers for Crosswalk to recover and get a complete healing in his knee and to get back out with us soon.

Ball of Man – Yep, we did that.  Captain Inspiration a/k/a Busted Grill, prayed us out into our mornings……..the hardest part of your day is now over.

Of course, 5 stayed for a little F2 coffee (BYOC) for 10-15 minutes afterward under one of the shelters…..we are kind of known for that now…..”it’s a Battlefield thing”.

Very grateful and humbled to have been able to lead such HIM today.  Thank you and until we paint again…….TS out.


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