Enough with the upper body

DATE: 12/10/18

AO: Screaming Eagle


# of PAX: 7

THE PAX: The Mountie, Hooch, Chicken Noodle, , Punky, Tombstone, Crosswalk,

Warm up:

25 Seal Claps

20 Hillbillies

20 Moroccan night clubs

Side lunge stretch on each leg

The thang:

Indian ran around the parking lot to a covered shelter with picnic tables. Trying to keep the guys as dry as possible (for Franks more or less, but he was a no show). Performed the exercises listed on one card then ran to another covered shelter and performed the other exercises. We got in 3 rounds before moseying back to the flag.


Prayers for Punky’s wife. Pray that his wife’s co-worker will soften her heart and communicate better.

Thanks to UglyStick in leading F3 CapeFear and congrats to TomSawyer. Thanks for your leadership men.

Thanks for coming out!



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