Rain Doesn’t make Kettlebells Heavier

DATE: 12/10/18


# of PAX: 11

PAX: Gravity, Mayhem, Special K, Mr. T, Tenenbaum, Kramer, Tom Sawyer, Snap On, 8Penny, Wapner


  • SSH x 30 IC
  • Cotton Picker x 20 IC
  • mountain climber merkins x 20 IC


  • get your kettlebell and make our way over to the bathroom building for Tabata:
    • 40 seconds on, 20 seconds off
      • when off, we will hold balls to wall for the 20 seconds
    • 100 – kettlebell swings
    • 100- kettlebell big boy sit ups
    • 100- kettlebell up right rows
  • when finished, head to the shelter for Mary:
    • 30- kettlebell American hammers IC
    • 30- kettlebell flutter kicks IC
  • make our way to the parking lot for 11’s
    • Turkish get ups (with kettlebell)
    • squat press (with kettlebell)
  • head back to the circle and line up single file in high plank
    • 45# kettlebell starts on one end and passes under each PAX to the other and back
      • that’s 1 round
    • continue for 3 rounds
  • line up with 20# kettlebell for Caterico Indian Run around the parking lot – two times
    • PAX in the front holds it high above his head
    • 5 merkins in the back, sprint to the front
  • circle up and hold low plank for 1 minute!


  • If you missed the Christmas party…. sorry bout it! It was a great time of fellowship!
  • Tom Sawyer was officially named the new Nan Tan of F3 Cape Fear! Congratulations!!!
    • be on the alert for the announcement of new PAX into all leadership positions within our region in the coming days!

I hadn’t been to HMM in quite a while, but it was just like riding a bike! Thanks Gravity for VolunTELLING me to Q! It was a privilege and an honor to join you on this wet and cold December morning!

BTB- over and out!


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