Deck of Death Multiplier

Date: 12/7/18

AO: Stingray

QIC: Wapner

# of Pax: 6

Pax: OTC, Bogey, Butterfly, Fourteener, 10-Count, Wapner

Warm-O-Rama: Seal Claps x 25 (IC), Lunges x 20 (IC), Morrocan Nightclub x 25 (IC), and Merkins x 15 (IC)

The Thang: We moseyed over to one of the covered pavilions near the pond for a Deck of Death beatdown. Deck of Death is a routine done with a deck of playing cards where each suit is an exercise and each card dictates the number of reps you do of that exercise all the way up to an Ace being 14 reps. After picking your card, you roll a die to determine the multiplier. You then multiply the number of reps by the multiplier. Diamonds were LBCs, Hearts were Merkins, Spades were dips, and clubs were step-ups.

COT: The Christmas party is tomorrow (12/8) from 3 p.m. until the fireball runs out at Wreck It Ralph’s house: 6939 Masonboro Sound Road.  This is a M and 2.0 friendly event. Please bring $10/family, a dish to share, BYOB, and an unwrapped toy for Toys 4 Tots. Florence cleanup continues tomorrow as well. If you can commit even 2 hours, you’re making a difference in your community. Prayers for: our first responders and military, YHC’s friends Logan and Melissa who are moving to ILM and driving from San Antonio, Texas over the next 2 days. I’m going to EH Logan into attending #f3stingray.

Strong work by a small but dedicated group of HIMs. There were no burpees performed, not even one! Court is adjourned. #Wapner


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