Welcome to BREAK POINT! It’s the SSHHIITT!

Date: 12/06/2018

QIC: Seahorse

# of Pax: 6 (inclusive of YHC)

Pax: Blade, EOM, Hahvahd, Morpheus, Niles and YHC

The official launch of F3 Cape Fear’s newest AO: Break Point!  5 Pax had the balls to face the mid-20’s wind chill with YHC and find out what all the racket is about.



Side-Straddle Hop – O – Rama: SSHx20, mosey to park entrance, SSHx20, mosey to shelter, SSHx20, mosey to playground, welcome Niles, SSHx20, make note of the pull-up bar as you will need this later, mosey to parking lot, SSHx20, mosey back to the flag



12 exercise stations are laid out across the parking lot:

*Flutter Kicks (4 count)

*Bobby Hurleys (down/up = 1)

*Plank Jacks (4 count)

*Squats (down/up = 1)

*Mountain Climbers (4 count)

*Mike Tysons (back/front/merkin = 1)

*LBCs (4 count)

*Seal Claps (4 count)

*Dips (4 count on pole fence)

*Inchworm Merkins (standing, inch down to plank, Merkin, inch back up to standing = 1)

*V-Ups (up/down =1)

*Tony Hawks (jump squat 180 degrees left, then 180 degrees right = 1)

Pax choose a station, and prepare for OYO HIIT, completing 20 reps of the exercise, run to pull up bar on other side of park, do 3 pull-ups, run back and move to the next station – as fast as possible – all while the likes of Ozzy, Axl, Survivor, and Warrant served up some motivation.  Most Pax got in 3 miles of running between exercises; a couple Pax found a short-cut and net less miles but received no less love from the other doubles. Apparently the avolition is real, I just wonder how this made them feel.  Did doing this sharpen their skills?  I will have to hone in on this better.


Thunder – similar to Thunderstruck, but updated to Imagine Dragon’s Thunder – Pax circle up in High Plank, doing Plank Jacks the entire song, only interrupting the Plank Jacks for a Merkin each time “Thunder” is heard in the song…..or at least this was supposed to be what happened…apparently dial-up doesn’t work with a androtary phone, cuz buffering was all I got, I got, I got…to move on…forget you Vevo, we can do our own Mary; YHC led 20 Plank Jacks, followed by Hahvahd volleying up 25 Freddy Mercury’s, and finally Blade demanding nothing more than perfection with 100’s.

It was a tough match, but we ended with a bagel, as 6 Pax were trees and made the Fartsack their pigeon.


 *Sssshhh!  Top Secret.  Handle with care.  It’s very Fraggle.  CONhVERmGENpCE.  5 days from last Sunday. Be there.


–of thankfulness for those serving to allow us the freedoms we enjoy & for the health to get out and exercise today

—for the struggles each man has; for the struggles our network of friends and families have; that more men would find F3; for the continued growth of F3 Cape Fear and this new AO Break Point; for God to help us be better Fathers, Brothers, Uncles, Husbands, Leaders, etc.

*Week 3 is only 7 days away. Start working on your slicing and dicing and come prepared to smash it at Break Point next week!  Invite a friend or even four.  We have enough courts for plenty more!

Always a privilege to lead!

Does this racket make my pouch look big?



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