8 Pole Crushers for Affordable Thursday

  • 12/6/18
  • 8 PAX: Hooch, Tiny Tank, Tombstone, Stouffers, Punky, RX, The Mountie
  • Name of Q: Franks
  • The THANG
    • Merkin Run to blocks
    • TParty hooked us up with some new toys (but he wasn’t there) 4 pieces of a telephone pole. We did a partner carry with the poles and did a few rounds of overhead presses.
    • Then we got the blocks and headed over to the pull-up bars.
    • 3 rounds of DORA – Partner does 10 pull-ups while other partner holds a single leg plank, alternating at will.
    • Grab the blocks for more DORA – Partner does the following exercises with the block until partner gets back from a stroll: Chest Press, Biceps, Dips.
    • Block Lunge back to the blockhouse
    • Team Plank Frog Jump – Last man jumps over the planking PAX until we all cycled through a few times
    • Merkin Run back to flags
    • 20 Burpees OYO
    • 20 – 3 count Box cutters
  • We had some good numbers this morning thanks to all of those men coming out! Hope you guys had fun I know I did!

Franks – OUT!



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