All Terrain Turbo’s

DATE: 12/4/18


# of PAX: 10

PAX: Panama Jack, Pony Express, 8 Penny, LETC, Bluewater, Trump, Sooner, Flounder, The Hoff


  • SSH x 30 IC
  • Imperial Walker x 30 IC
  • Cotton Picker x 30 IC
  • OYO stretching x 30seconds


  • mosey over the bridge to Tower 7
  • for every street while running towards the beach from N Lumina Ave you will run:
    • backwards down the street
    • run up the access and on the beach over to the next access
    • run back the street and over a block the next access
    • karaoke down the street
    • rinse and repeat
    • karaoke down the next street
    • rinse and repeat
    • backwards down the next street
    • rinse and repeat until you get to Johnnie Mercer’s pier
    • run back the same route to finish with the SIX
    • line up for Indian Run over the over bridge and down N Channel back to the flag
    • line up on the sidewalk in low plank and every PAX does a 10 count down the line and back (total hold of 200 seconds +/- depending on how long some PAX took to count to 10)
    • stretching OYO
    • Christmas party this Saturday at 3:00pm at Wreck It Ralph’s – keep an eye on Slack for more details
    • Hoff asked for prayers for mothers incarcerated with children and the struggle they face in jail and in the real world after

That’s it for me! Join me at Battleship on Thursday for the next installment!

-BTB – over and out!



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