Date: 12/04/2018
# of Pax: 13
Pax: Daggerboard, Milli Vanilli, Tiny Dancer, Sweater Vest, Gobo, Hoverround, Busted Grill, Sparky, Money Gun, Mr. Kotter, Morpheus, SOL & Gravity
QIC: Gravity
Weather: Cool & Clear – a great day for a run (I can’t believe I just said that).

Disclaimer: I am not a professional
Warm-o-Rama: Cotton Pickers x 20 IC
Groin Stretch, Hammy Stretch, Quad Stretch – let’s go.

The Thang:
BG up front, slow poke Indian run to the top of the Parking Deck.
Split up into teams of 4 (1 team had 5), assemble on the narrow side of the deck.
Shuttle Sprints
Each member of each team will sprint across, back, across and back again (that’s 1) 10 times. The team will go one at a time. At the end, we mosey around to the wide side of the deck. Same thing, but there and back is 1 – complete 8.

Group mosey down the deck, split up in two groups and take the steps 1 step at a time (speed) working on agility.

Mosey back to the flag and arrive right on time. Per Tiny Dancer’s wrist thingy, we ran just over 3 miles.


COT: Prayers for AJ – SweaterVest’s brother-in-law suffering with a brain injury. Continued prayers for Kim (Nile’s brother). Praise for YHC’s family returning home and continued prayers for those still displaced from the hurricane. SOL’s stache is in the competition for Mustaches for Kids as they are raising money for local charities – give what you can, it’s the last day or two of the competition. Remember the 184th annual Christmas party – $10 per family, bring a side dish and a new unwrapped toy – we are using the trailer to donate to Toys for Tots.


Skins: YHC was shocked at how fast 45 minutes flew by. I wanted to do more stair work and perhaps an Indian run race with two teams. At anyrate – I’m mid-acceleration and completely stoked I can run again. Strong work by everybody – Milli Vinilli is a stud. Gobo, we are going to miss you buddy – looking forward to you Hoffing the Q Friday at HMP.
Gravity out


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