I’m So Tired

Date 11/30/18

Q Flight Nurse

AO Screaming Eagles

# Pax;(9) Hooch, Tea Party, Goose, Punky, Sugarland, Trolley Stop, RX, Hammerhead

Warmorama: 20 merkins, SSH…………(can’t remember, made it up on the spot)

The Thang:

Old Blue needed a push so the Pax and I got behind her and headed to the parking lot behind the baseball fields. Fortunately, I happen to have some tires that needed unloading so the Pax helped me unload and get the straps ready.

We broke into threesomes.

While one partner was completing a lap with the tire, the other two were crushing a Dora of 100 Partner Throwdowns, 200 Heels to Heaven and 300 Hip Dips. When a Pax completed a lap, one partner would rotate to the tire lap. Glutes were en fuego!!!!

Since I was taking Epo’s Q we had to get some pull ups in. We moseyed to the Pull up bars, according to Goose “that’s pretty far”, I agree! Max reps x2 and mosey back to AO with zero time to spare.


Prayers for Dokken and his diagnosis. My musings about purpose in life and God’s greater plan.


Trolley stop made it out and proved once again he’s a robot!! Goose crushed it with his wingman Tea Party. Hammerhead always has a smile on his face (is he up to something?). Hooch even grunts with a southern drawl. Rx has “no quit” in him. Punky should have been a running back. Sugarland that beard is THICK, do you have to wring it out?

I know Epo would have killed you guys and been more inspiring, but I’m way better looking and taller. It’s always a pleasure to come down to my second home at Screaming Eagle and work with some amazing Pax. Much appreciated to be part of the great F3 Nation.

With respect and admiration,

Flight Nurse




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