BD Pickles and FNGs

BD Pickles and FNGs

Date: 12/1/18

Where: Baywatch, #bestaointhenation


# of pax 38

Pax:  Blue Grass, Blue Steel, Bob Dole,  Bolt, Bone Spur, Buck Shot, Busted Grill, Coffee Bean, Dino, Dixie Chic, Double Check, Flight Nurse, Gerber, Gobo, Gravity, Hoveround, Huck Finn, Last, Mathlete, Moab, Mr Miyagi, Niles, OOPS,  Overbite, Parrot Head, Sonic, Sooner, Sparky, Sprinkles, Sunshine, Tiny Dancer, Tom Sawyer, Witch Dr, Woops, And FNGS Meat, Milkman, and Pierogi.

YHC woke up to an amazing sunrise.  Red sky at morn, sailors be warned, but pax get high on such a beautiful sky.  My youngest of my 2.0s, Huck Finn, agreed to post with me on the last day of my 50th trip around the sun.  Pretty jacked up to start trip 51.  Huck Finn wanting to post with me made my day.  It’s all good from here.

When we roll up to WB park, there are already a lot of F3 stickers around, with a variety of EC going down.  After a heavy dose of mumblechatter the clock strikes 0700 and it is time to get it on.


SSH IC x 51

Imperial walkers IC x 16

Then guest Q Bob Dole leads us in cotton pickers IC x 16

Mosey to WB Methodist.

The Thang

At the East side Harbor Island park, we get in teams of 3 for some Pickle 2-4-6.

3 partners

At Park the team does cumulative 200 rope jumps, 400 Irkins, and 600 LBCs.

One partner is always do 10 mule kicks, and balls2wall.

One partner is always running from 1 station to other, switching in a rotating fashion.

Mosey back to the ball field for Indian Duck.  Staying with partners, start a duck walk across field.  Man in back does 5 burpees, sprints to front.  Proceed in IndianRun routine.

Mary is Dino w the protractor, and Gobo with the pickle pumpers.


We welcomed 3 new pax to the tribe- Meat, Milkman, and Pierogi.  Don’t forget the 247th annual F3 Christmas Party at Wreckit Ralph’s house.  Prayers for Rainmaker, Niles brother.  Prayers for all of the people still trying to recover from Florence, and for the pax who are helping.  Keep giving it away brothers – F3, your resources, your time.  It’s all meant to be given away.  

Moleskin-  The famous Mathlete made an appearance.  I was looking for his F3-millstone, but apparently it is still in the making.  Bluegrass, we love how your bring your 2.0s out.  Those little suckers are fast.  Announcement!  Double Check showed up on time!  The pax tried to name a 15 yr old Teet.  Very funny, but we do want his mom to let him come back.  And Sprinkles, I really enjoyed the conversation at the Doughnut Inn.  We need you to add #dailyredpills to your supplements, because we need HIMs like you to be all in.  Only 30 days right?  Then it’s not a fad, it’s just a lifestyle.  Thanks for the BD serenade.  

A pleasure and an honor to lead. 

That’s a wrap.

LETC – out


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