The First Ever Turtle Run


QIC: Sooner

AO: Cool Runnings

# of PAX: 13


Pony Express




Chicken Noodle

 Panama Jack






The First Ever Turtle Run

To truly understand a turtle run you must experience it.


-side straddle hop x40 IC

-imperial walkers x20 IC

-Mountain climbers x20 IC

-seal clap x20 IC

-3 count merkins x10 IC

The Thang:

Turtle Run from the flag all the way to the top of the parking deck of UNCW and back.

This equaled to around 4.5 miles.

Performed 10 burpees at the top of the parking deck.

A turtle run is something like an Indian run in which the line stays at a nice easy pace(not a mosey), but any person at any time can break off and do any exercise they want and then run back and jump into any part of the line they prefer. Make sense? Twas a site to behold. 

Gravity was the man of the hour(or 52 min cause I went over time). He made those 4.5 miles his “you know what….” If I were a woman, I would marry that guy up and then “you know what….” Just saying.

Hoff, thanks for being motivating even when it makes us want to fight you. You make us better men.


Praises for a surgery gone well for Flounder’s brother in law.

Day #4 of Johnson


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