The Battleground Ladder of Suck

Date: 11/28/2018

AO: The Battleground

PAX: Crosswalk, SpecialK, Babydaddy, PonyExpress, Kramer, Gravity, TomSawyer, Uglystick, YHC

Warmorama: Not sure…I was late… but I did have hot coffee with me.

The Thang: after ugly sticks warmer AMA stand in, we moseyed over to the visitor center. With a quick introduction and demonstration of the Ladder of Suck, we began with 10 inchworm merkins followed by a run around the circle, approximately 200m. We return for 10 more inchworm merkins while adding 15 standard sit ups with a combo jab and a run around the circle. The next rotation added 20 Superman merkins followed by the run, the next rotation added 25 V UPS and the run followed by 30 plank jacks and the run, followed by 35 American Hammers and the run, followed by the final rotation adding 40 shoulder taps and the run.

We did a little Mary waiting on the six followed by some broga and closed out with some hot coffee.

COT: Tom Sawyer threw out a challenge for each PAX to EH someone by the end of the year. Prayers for Lisa and her family as she battles her illness.

Strong Work in the freezing Gloom.


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