Because they’re there!


The PAX: Gobo, Gravity, Morpheus, SOL, Money Gun, Fatback, Daggerboard, Sweater Vest, Cross, Sparky, Heisenberg

Warm up: Seal claps 20 IC, Toy soldiers 20 IC.

The Thang: We’re gonna climb stairs, Why? Because they’re there. Mosey to parking deck. Up one stairwell to the top- down next stairwell to ground floor for 20 merkins, 20 squats and 20 heels to heaven. Rinse and repeat using same stairwells until 0600. To get in more running, the PAX were challenged to team up and find a path back to the flag that will get you there as close to 0615 as possible. Slightly early arrivals made time for 30 flutter kicks IC led by @cross and 30 hello dollys led by the Q. Thanks @sparky for hanging with the Q. I don’t know if that was kindness or the after effect of trying to keep up with @sparkplug.

Counterama, Namerama

COT: Prayers for the PAX and those who serve and protect us.


Always an honor and a pleasure,   BG


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