Tossing Logs with Dora

Date: 26 November 2018

QIC: Donut

Pax:  Rx, Tombstone, Hooch, Foxtrot, Stoffers, Punky, Franks, Tea Party, Sir-Mix-A-Lot, 8-Penny, Tiny Tank, Gravity, Tubbs, FNG Goose

Fifteen pax (including YHC) beat the fartsack and gathered for a slightly belated birthday celebration at #Screamingeagle.  No need for gifts please…. presents consisting of sweat, pain, and wood were provided by YHC.

Warm-up:  Usually a stickler for promptness, this morning I was approximately 37 seconds late.  The pax were already warming up when I arrived with Tombstone.  Blame it on Tombstone.  Thanks for the SSH, Sir-Mix I’ll take it from here.

Imperial Walkers x15, Hillbillies x15, Seal Claps x15

The pre-game: We will be staying in the parking lot today.  Mosey to the lamp post.   I’ve got big plans for my wood this morning, so instead of 11’s, let’s do 7’s.  Line up about 25 yards from the median.  Near side, we will do 1 jump squat.  Run to far side and do 6 Around-the-world Merkins (start in plank, perform merkin, rotate torso to the left until both palms are on the ground and you are now  facing up, rotate again in same direction into plank position and perform merkin, now rotate all the way back.  That is 1 rep.  Keep your core tight!).  Mosey back and do 2 jump squats and 5 ATWMs.  Etc. So forth.  When done, fall in line and do some Mary.

The Thang:  Partner up, and size doesn’t matter.  Each pair will take possession of a piece of log located in the back of YHC’s jeep and meet back at the lamp post.  Form a line midway of the parking lot facing the curb.  A modified 1,2,3 Dora is on tap.  Each team will alternate performing the following exercises and will complete a combined 100 American Hammers (4 count), 200 merkins, and 300 LBCs (4 count).  As opposed to the usual run to some far away point and back, the Pax not performing the exercise will toss his wood toward the curb (approx. 20 yards away), complete a burpie then lunge walk to the wood, where he will retrieve his wood and throw it again.  Repeat to the curb and back, then swap positions.

To finish, we will do a 1,1,1 Dora where the exercises will consist of 100 overhead presses with the log, 100 squats with the log, and 100 lateral presses with the log.  Good times!

Early finishers and those with issues counting effectively can begin Mary to round out the day.  Franks, Hooch, 8-Penny, Foxtrot, and several others got their turn to lead Mary.  Time is up, so let’s head back to the flags for a picture.

COT: Prayers for educators, health care providers, those that stand before us for our protection, and all those that seek the truth.

Molekin:  86th Annual Christmas Party is next weekend.  Info is all over the place on Slack.  Super fun.  Strong work by everyone, I hope this started your day a little better than you expected.  Thank you for letting me lead.

Welcome Goose (aka Don)!  Strong work today!




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