The Fantastic Four

A chilly start to a post-Thanksgiving eat-a-thon did not stop 4 Pax from sweating off some gravy.

QIC: Dino

PAX: OTC, Fourteener, Etch, Dino


Warm up the engine by running on the road to the skate park for some Seal claps and other crap. Then mosey to Skater Hill for Jacob’s Ladder (to 7). Burpees at the top, of course. Mosey to rock pile. Grab a big one. Tricep extensionx30. Lion Kingx20, Deep squatx10. Run around pond to playground shelter. Freddy Mercury, Flutter, Incline merkin, Derkin. Run to short bleachers for step-ups. Run around all soccer fields with a little Indian Run mixed in. Stop at tennis court parking lot for tracers (all of the way around). Run to football field bleachers for a couple rounds of up and down. Mosey to COT.


-It was a bit chilly today, but it didn’t take long for the 4 of us to warm up. Everyone pushed hard and got better for it this morning. I’m thankful for these 3 men who didn’t let me workout alone.

Continued prayers for those affected by the recent storms and fires.

A privilege, as always, to lead.

‘Til next time,





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