PreTurkey Feast…F3 Style!

Date: 11/22/18

Location: Battleship

# of Pax: 43

QIC: Venus, Gobo, Ugly Stik, Dino

Pax: 8 Penny, Dixie Chick, FNG (Punky), Sparky, Spark Plug, Blue Steel, Flight Nurse, Gobo, Ugly Stik, Trump, Tombstone, Seahorse, BoneSpur, Dino, Double Check, Connect, Busted Grill, Fire Marshall Bill, Chewy, Pony Express, Hooverround, Parrotthead, Wiz Doctor, Moab, Knucklepuck, Heisenberg, Baby Daddy, Cannoli, Brady, EOM, Gravity, Tiny Dancer, Tiny Tank, Foxtrot, Niles, Sweatervest, EPO, Tennenbaum, Ball Bearing, The Adjuster, Socks.


On a beautifully chilly Thanksgiving morning, 43 Pax came to the Cotton Exchange Parking Lot in downtown Wilmington ready for a Pre Thanksgiving Feast…F3 Style!! There were going to be lots of treats today, the pax just didn’t know it yet.


Warm up: lead by Ugly Stik

SSH x 30 IC

Windmill x 20 IC

Merkin x 20 IC



From 2 lines….Let’s Mosey!


We stopped at the first parking deck and circled up for a brief moment of people’s chair while we waited on the six.


Gobo was up next…


Partner up:

Race your partner up the incline of the parking deck…this was a lot of fun…because NONE of us are competitive at all…Im still upset that my partner cheated on the first sprint…COUGH COUGH…UGLY!!!!!!!


At the first level we did 10 Merkins IC

Second level we did

And at the third level we did PICKLE PUMPERS x 20IC


We ran down the stairs and formed 2 lines again for another mosey towards the hill….


At PPD we stopped and Dino lead us in 100 Flutterkicks IC which I heard quite a bit of groaning. It felt GOOD! He was just tightening the Abs to hold all the food in for the day!


Once we got to the hill we partnered back up and did DORA. Partner 1 ran up the hill to the stop sign, Partner 2 did the exercises. Flap jack when partner returns from running.


100 Burpees

200 Squat Jumps

300 Freddy Mercury


We all finished our DORA and it was time to run back to the AO. We ran the scenic route on the boardwalk along the river. I heard some good mummblechatter along the way.




Thank you for F3

Thank you for all who protect us

Prayers for our pax traveling

Prayers for Mike (Foxtrots friend) who battled cancer but just lost is fight.

Prayers for those who couldn’t be with us today


It was an absolute pleasure to lead all you men today on Thanksgiving.


Until next time…

Venus OUT!





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