Holy Fartsack!



AO: Stingray

# of PAX: 7

PAX: 10 Count, SpinDoctor, Dino, Fourteener, EOM, Sparky


SSH IC x30, Cotton Picker IC x20, Imperial Walker IC x20, Raise the Roof IC x20

Mosey to pull-up bars


We were going to circuit around the pond but since we had a small number of PAX, YHC decided to keep the group close.

pull-ups x5, merkins x10, run to picnic area, 20 Derkins, and 20 step-ups each leg (or 20 box jumps) Rinse and repeat x3 rounds

Mary for the six (YHC)

Mosey to coupon pile, pick 2 coupons or one large one

Thang 2:

Coupon curls x30, Squats with coupon x30. Rinse and repeat x3

Mosey to parking lot

Suicides across parking lot: 4 segments, beginning and end of center white line, beginning of far white line and far curb. Then 10 burpees. Rinse and repeat x3


Still some time left so lets do 11’s: one dip using curb, run to far curb and do 10 Carolina Drydocks, and so on…

Jail break back to flag courtesy Dino leading the way


Continued prayers for EOM’s Dad, Grandad, and Grandma; prayers for guidance and wisdom for SpinDoctors next journey in life; prayers for Dino’s Mother-in-law

T-claps to 10 Count for the EC run! Strong work!!! He points out he will not be there friday

T-claps for the Men who enjoyed this brisk morning with me. Thank the Lord for waking me up at 4AM and telling me I had something very important to do this morning (although it took me a while to figure out what it was!)





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