Golf Course Burpee Run in the rain

When  11/15/2018

Where    HMP

QIC.     EPO

Pax.     Sooner, LETC, Morpheus, Hoff, Panama Jack, Chicken Noodle, 8-Penny, Sir Mix A lot, R-X, Gage, Tiny Dancer, Trump, Gravity, SOL, Ugly Stick


It was a windy rainy morning at the park.  16 men woke up and took their daily red pill. They took the first step in making today great. They thought the fart sack and won. The ghost flag was posted in the ground. Screaming Eagle came to take the flag back south. Also a record was set for attendance at the Cool Runnings work out. 16 is the new standard.

At 5:30 we circled up and I gave the disclaimer. Today would be golf course Burpee running. We took off to the municipal golf course. We regrouped at the first tee box. The goal to cover as many holes as possible. At each Tee boxbox is a sign and it lists the par for that hole. Par =Burpees, then run to the next tee box, rinse and repeat until we run out of time.

The mumble chatter was high. Someone was worried because we did not warm up before we ran. Welllllll,  maybe they should’ve showed up early and did a pretty rotten. Or show up early and stretch before the work out. Page 29 in Freed toLead clearly states stretching should be done before the work out.

Hasselhoff was running behind so he just drove his car to the golf course. I’m not trying to say he was trying to get out of running butttt!!!!

Man that Panama Jack is fast!!! Clearly he should be on the next BRR team.

it was great to see the men at the front circle back for the 6.

Remember, leave no Man behind but, leave no man where you find him.

We re-assembled at the clubhouse after running the front nine. The next challenge was to run all the way back to the pull-up bars at the park. We would then do as many sets of pull-ups as we could until time runs out.

A good effort was put in by all men at the bars.

Next we lined up single file for a Das Loop team rum back to the flag.

Das Loop team run is a version of the Indian run except you run all the way around the formation and back to the front.


Prayers for LETC’s dad, Nile’s Brother, fire victims in California.

Attention all #HIMs!!! Donut is just now getting the assignments for this weekend’s flow recovery and clean up. There are still several houses with work to be done (including kitchen bath and sheetrock demo = fun stuff) and we would like to try to finish off this month with a bang. Will likely take a break for the following week as everyone needs to spend some time with their families during Thanksgiving. As a reminder, Dredd and some pax from Raleigh will be down to help support us as well. Can we get some hard commitments to get at least 15 pax out there? there will be plenty of work!!!

Sign up for the Southern tour Ultra.

Strong work by the pax from Screaming Eagle on capturing the ghost flag.

As always it’s an honor to lead and I thank you for this privilege.

EPO out




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