Duck, Duck, GOOSE!

Date: 11/14/18



PAX: Niles, Stubbing, FMB, Dixie Chick, Snowbird, Tiny Dancer, Wreck it Ralph, Gum Tree, Last, Mayhem, Busted Grill, Mr. Kotter, Gravity, SOL, Morpheus

EC run: Gravity and Stubbing.

High Knees, Butt Kicks, Merkins

Line the men up in two columns and mosey to pull-up bars. The exercise will be two parts – pull-up and a recovery. The recovery will alternate between bear crawl and fireman’s carry. The latter requires buddying up. It looks like this: 1 PU, Bear Crawl 40 yards; 2 PU, Fireman’s Carry 40 yards; 3 PU, Bear Crawl … you get it. All the way to 10 pull-ups. Complete and mosey back to flags to grassy knoll. Circle the men up and tell ’em take a seat. OK, Duck, Duck … GOOSE! Play for 10 mins. OK, bear crawl up grassy knoll to the edge, invert against the lamp post, get up and mosey back to flags for American Hammer, 100s, Crunches.


Continued prayers for LETC, Uncle Jon, Niles’ brother, Stouffers recent loss.
Men and women of military, EMS, law enforcement
Victims of Cali. fires

Thanks fellas – always a pleasure to lead and be led.



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