Butts to Nuts at The Bridge

Date: 11/13/18


AO: The Bridge

PAX: Flight Nurse, Sir Mix, Stoufers, RX, Tubbs, Tea Party, Hooch, The “Fake” Franks, Chix Noodle, Crosswalk

Warm Up: SSH, Downward Dog, Lunges – let’s hit the road!

The Thang – Mosey down remaining section of River Road and cross over Carolina Beach Rd. to Snow’s Cut Road. A small residential neighborhood at the end of the road offers a circular drive that’s probably just shy of 400m. Form a column and announce we will do Indian Run repeats of this circular drive with a 30-second recovery in between. This means relatively close, sustained almost-near-waist-height contact  for the better part of 30 mins. Le this be a motivator.

Intervals build endurance. Running with a group or pace group helps you run faster than you would alone. If during the recovery you find yourself doubled over with hands on knees huffing and puffing, then you probably need more interval work.  People don’t like intervals because they hurt. Too bad. Just do them and do them fast.


Chix Noodle’s about to be an uncle (again?) – prayers for baby’s safe arrival
Prayers for all those in physical, mental or spiritual pain
Good job, men!

Hoff, out



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