Run Gravity Run

AO: Run Forest Run – UNCW
Date: 11/13/2018
Weather: the rain just stopped, 150% humidity and about 70 degrees
# of PAX: 8
PAX: Captain Stubing, Tom Sawyer, Blade, Busted Grill, Morpheus, Heisenberg, Hoverround and Gravity
QIC: Gravity

I’ve earned my reputation as being a Runner-ite – I don’t like running, but I can change – If God can forgive, I can change, so the first step is to lead yourself – nobody else can motivate you like yourself – so I signed up to Q because nobody else had signed up.

I saw on Facebook once, the key thing to running is to start by … you guessed it, running. After a brief stretch and basic movements to get the guys loose, we made sure everybody had a light and we put Busted Grill in front to set the pace on the Indian Run toward the track. Key rule, only 1 Indian at a time. The slow pace Indian Run led us to the BG Loop, down Riegel Dr to where the Cross City Trail parallels Rose Ave.

We stop there, and group up based on pace – this lets the fastholes go their own pace. This left a 6-pack as the 6. Now we move at our pace along the CC Trail and when it starts to dogleg right toward Hooker RD, turn left and take the cut / dirt road back toward the other side of campus behind all the housing. This is where the light comes in, it was dark and wet. Then we head toward the Parking Deck. The first ones there can run the deck and retrieve the 6. As the 6 arrives at the deck, the first two guys come out and we mosey to the AO and get there right on time.

COT: Morpheus and Heisenberg got in about 4.5 miles, the rest of us got 3.8 miles. Strong work everybody. This morning’s run was brought to you by fun – we actually had fun running – who knew, maybe I’ll get use to this.

Prayers for Kim (Niles’ brother), LETC’s dad, Abacus’ M and the folks in California fighting that fire and the first responders.

God’s Peace and thanks for letting me lead – Gravity out.



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