Friday Morning Beat Down

Q: Snap-On


PAX: Cramer, Trump, Dixie Chick, The Adjustor, Wreck it Ralph, McFly, Surf N’ Turf, Flight Nurse, Special K, Smiles, Mayhem, Captain Stubing, EPO, Snowbird (FNG), Fire Marshall Bill, Busted Grill


SSH- 20

Imperial Walkers- 20

Cotton Pickers- 20


Moseyed to the baseball fields. Started in right field. PAX did 100 LBCs, bear crawled to center field for 100 flutter kicks, bear crawled to left field for 100 monkey humpers then bear crawled to home plate for some Mary while we waited on the six.

Moseyed to the tennis courts for some Dora’s. Partner A ran to the opposite end for 10 merkins while partner B did 100 Bobby Hurley’s, 200 squats and 300 Freddie Mercury’s.

Moseyed around HMP for a beautiful tour of one of our county’s most beautiful parks. A glorious mosey it was.

Finished up at the AO with some Mary.


Prayers for Stouffers, Niles and Babyback

Prayers for EMS, police and fire, those affected by the recent shootings in California and Pittsburgh, fires in California and all affected by Florence and Michael


Christmas party soon!

Light ruck either on December 7th or 8th

Continuing to work on Florence relief

Smiles is continuing to help raise funds for a high schooler to go to camp

Surf N’ Turf is looking for a temporary place to stay while his condo is being renovated due to the hurricane


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