Ultimate Workout

Date: 11/7/2018

AO: Screaming Eagle

Q: Hoff

Pax: Real Franks, RX, Tea Party, Hooch


Mosey to Murray Middle School front lawn. 50 SSH. 30 Mountain Climbers.


Bear crawl length of front lawn interspersing merkins in repetitions of 4-count x10, x15, x20. Plank and wait on the six. Plank as group for 60 seconds. Sprint to other side. Circle up for more SSH and introduce overhead presses. Head to front of school and do series of broad jump burpees. Do 60-sec. balls to wall. Sprint across width of lawn x2. Plank for 60 secs. Pull out frisbee and play 15 minutes of Ultimate Frisbee – Franks and Hoff v. RX, Tea Party and Hooch. RX scored the winning touchdown.


Pray for Stouffers

Pray for healing of the nation

Pray for EMS, military, fire and law enforcement


Nothing like catching a fast-moving frisbee headed for your face in darkness! Good job, men!









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