Better late than Never

AO: Stingray
Date: 11/7/18
PAX: Dino, BamBam, Etch-a-Sketch, 10 Count, Wapner, Spin Doctor, Bob the Builder, KnucklePuck, Fourteener: Respect!, Peaches, Mathlete, Flounder, ChopShop, Glow Worm: Respect! and Welcome, Sparky: Respect!, EOM, Bogey
SSH IC x 40
Cotton Pickers IC x 30
Imperial Walker IC x 30
Shoulder press IC x 30
Carterican run around soccer field to picnic area
Find a partner for DORA:
100 Derkins on picnic table benches
200 Carolina Drydocks
300 Bobby Hurley’s
Partner runs to the street, around island and back
Mosey to Coupon pile: keep your partner and pick one large coupon for your pair
Mosey to base of stairs at skate park
Partner 1 does curls while Partner 2 runs to top of stairs, around the skate bowl and down the stairs x 2
3 rounds
Mosey back to coupon pile, return your coupon, head to the flag
Continued prayers for BabyBack’s father, Niles’ brother Rainmaker, BamBam’s hectic daily life, and Sparky’s relative
Prayers for the speedy healing of Native’s foot, stay on the fartsack as long as it takes brother.
Always a pleasure to lead the big, strong, smelly, MEN of F3 Cape Fear StingRay
OTC out


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