The Monsters Fight

DATE: 11/5/18


# OF PAX: 11

PAX: Bam Bam, Ball Bearing, OTC, Fourteen, 10 Count, Spin Doctor, Flounder, Chop Shop, EOM, Dino


  • Seal Claps x 30 IC
  • Moroccan Night Club x 50 IC – sobriety style
  • Mountain Climbers x 25 IC


  • mosey over to the road by the old gym set and partner up
  • Catch Me If You Can to the concession stand at the baseball field
    • 5 burpees and sprint to catch your partner who is running backwards
    • flapjack
  • OYO event at the Concession Stand:
    • 50 forward walking lunges
    • 15 handstand merkins
    • 40 box jumps/step ups
    • 15 handstand merkins
    • run a lap out to the road and around the fields
    • 15 handstand merkins
    • 40 box jumps/steps ups
    • 15 handstand merkins
    • 50 forward walking lunges
  • Mary (aka: Mrs. Flounder) while we wait for the SIX
    • all her favorites:
      • pickle pumpers
      • bicycles
  • get back with your partner and do same Catch Me If You Can to the parking lot
  • mosey to the bleachers with your partner:
    • cumulative: 50 burpees
    • one partner runs bleachers
    • flapjack
  • mosey to the flag for:
    • SALLY!!!


  • prayers for EOM’s co-worker going through chemo
  • prayers for Chop Shop and his family and foster kid
  • prayers for Baby Back’s father – we are thinking about you!
  • The season is coming for the Site Q’s and Site Shakers to find their replacements! If you are a Site Q, reach out to another PAX who you think would do almost as good a job as you’ve done and headlock them into taking your job! See me if you have questions!

It’s been a while since I had the privilege of leading this group of men. I never take it for granted! Thanks for allowing me the opportunity!

BTB- over and out!



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