4×4’s On The Beach

DATE: 11/3/18

 QIC: 8penny

PAX: SOL, Spin Doctor, Venus, Fox Trot, Trump, Heisenberg, The Adjuster, Seahorse, Niles, Bone Spur, Mathlete, Witch Doctor, Rinaldo, Dino, Fourteener, Old Soul, Sooner, Blue Steel, EOM, Smuggler (FNG), Coffee Bean, Hoveround, Busted Grill, Doughnut


SSH x30 IC
Mountain Climbers x20 IC
Carolina Dry-Docks x10 IC
Merkins x10 IC
Burpees x10 OYO


Two column Indian run to the beach


Run around the block heading north on Lumina and back up the next beach access performing exercises on all four corners:

  • First block – Merkins x20. (on 6: Spider-Merkins x10 IC, Carolina-Dry-Docks x10 IC, Diamond-Merkins x10 IC)
  • Second Block – Monkey Humpers x20. (on 6: Squats IC)
  • Third Block – Mountain Climbers x20 each leg (on 6: Burpees x10, run to the water for Burpees x10 and run back)


One partner bear crawls to the smooth sand and runs back while the other exercises performing the following in aggregate:

  • Carolina Dry Docks x100
  • Jump Lunges x200, 1-count
  • Heals-to-Heaven x300

Mosey back to the Stone St access.

Run back to the AO

On 6: Side-Plank-Dips (Dino)

Cool-Down: Flutter Kicks x41 IC


  • Strong work by all and great push back to the AO!
  • Despite the snark comments about the 4×4 Monkey Humpers being great for recruitment, Venus worked his magic and drew in a solid candidate…its all about the form, great work brother!
  • Dino – don’t worry, the sand will work itself out and your hole will heal up just fine. Sorry I didn’t make it through the complete 10min explanation about horse needles and stuff.
  • Sooner may actually be Cupid as he apparently sweats heart patterns into the front of his shirt. You can see it in the name-o-rama video.
  • Strong work Old Soul, your hard work is paying off as you’re noticeably getting faster!
  • Prayers for Nile’s brother, Kim, and his family as they face the challenges of an aggressive brain cancer.
  • Prayers for Fox Trot’s close friend, Mike, and his family as he goes through the later stages of pancreatic cancer.

Always an honor gentlemen!



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