4 Years

QIC: Busted Grill

The PAX: SOL, Morpheus, Pony Express, Bone Spur, Mr. T, Special K, Dixie Chick, Mayhem, Smiles, Other Portland, Snap On, Niles, Kramer, Wreck It Ralph, Hahvahd, Sea Horse, Gravity, Sidewalk Prophet, Surf n Turf

4 years WOW ! For those of you who haven’t figured it out yet, the older you get the faster time goes. So 4 years have flown by, I still remember some of my first contacts: Dino, The Hoff, EPO, Last, LETC. What an amazing span of personalities, the PAX are definitely cut from a lot of different molds, all HIMS in so many different ways. I’ve been blessed by knowing all of you. Like so many of us, I didn’t know I needed this.

The Thang: SSH’s 30 IC, for some reason seeing @niles driving up fashionably late, again, I called for a mosey to the playground, I have no explanation @niles, always glad to see you drive up late or not. Cross country skis 20 IC, 20 3 count down squats. I was surprised when it seemed like everyone knew to mosey to the pull up bars next, so I added 5 merkins at each speed bump on the way. Moroccan nightclubs waiting for the 6. Line up for bar exercise circle. 1 inverted row and 1 dip at each parallel bar, 1 pull up at 1st pull up bar, 2 toes to bar at next bar and 1 pull up at next bar. Second set of 3 pull up bars: 1 chin up then 2 toes to bar then 1 chin up, weave thru parallel and pull up bars doing above exercises and when you exit the last parallel bars lunge walk to the single bar yhat used to be 2 bars and do one pull up shoulder tap on each shoulder. Next do prisoner squats followed by 2 steps until you get back to first set of parallel bars. It’s just a big rotating circle easy to demonstrate not so easy to write about. Recover after everyone has done 1 lap, then another lap doubling each exercise. The PAX picked this up quickly, strong work. I had a paper diagram with detailed instructions in case @dino had shown up. Take a lap around the pond with 5 burpees at each speed bump, if 6 not there, return to 6 and do 5 burpees at each speed bump you hit while returning with the 6. Back at pull up bars do pull up pyramid of 2-4-6-4-2 helping any PAX that need it. Low plank for the 6. Mosey to goose poop island for 20 single count step ups OYO,10 jump ups OYO and 15 dips IC. Mosey up sidewalk and back to flag with 5 burpees at each speed bump, returning for 6 as before.

Mary: Flutter kicks 25 IC, Heels to heaven 20 IC, Hello dolly, 20 IC, 20 American hammers by @dixie chick, and 1 final exercise I don’t remember.

Namerama, Counterama: 20 PAX

COT: Volunteer flo-relief workday tomorrow after BW needs a Q. Prayers for PAX, @rainmaker (Kim) and his family, first responders, military, etc.

An honor and a pleasure as always,




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