Monkey Golf


QIC: Trump

Location: Cool Runnings

8 PAX: YHC, Squid, BTB , LETC, Ugly Stik, Sooner , Pony Express, and 8-Penny   

Warmorama: SSH ICx30, Leg Stretch OYO, 15 Hillbillies

The Thang:

Line up for the Drunken Indian Run (a cool running special): The Pax in the front zigs and zags and moseys wherever they so please as to make it more difficult for the Indian to get to the front. Try it, its fun and hard. After multiple injuries where avoided in the playground area, our Indian run sobered up and made its way to the Municipal Golf Course.

Starting at hole #1 Tee Box: Its a Par 4 that means 4 Burpees run to the green and put it in the hole by doubling that 4 for 8 Pickle Pumpers. This continued for holes 1-7 until YHC directs the Pax back to the 1st Green. Sorry about those pretty new shoes Ugly.

Time for a race back to the tee box. Its only fair that handicaps were enforced. 10 Burpees for the Rabbits, 5 Burpees for the grey haired Rabbits, and 3 for YHC 🙂 and GO!

Circle up. Monkey Humpers ICX15

(sober) Indian Run to Park Entrance

Monkey Humpers ICx15

(backwards) Indian Run to Parking Lot

Monkey Humpers ICx15

Mosey to Speed Bump, Sprint to next Speed Bump, Mosey to Light Post

Money Humpers ICx15

Mosey to Speed Bump, Sprint to next Speed Bump, Mosey to Light Post

Money Humpers ICx15


Heels to Heaven ICX20

Box Cutters ICX20

Star Gazers (led by Ugly) ICX20

American Hammer (led by Sooner) ICX20


COT:  Continued prayers for Niles Brother RainMaker. Prayers for LETCs dad for some of his on-going cardiac issues, Prayers for YHCs good friends and their baby.  


Pony Express is fast and he has been the heart and soul of the Cool Runnings AO. Come out if you haven’t, it is a good time!

Squid is ALL IN, and has come everyday for his first week and plans to post until Saturday and sign the big board, AYE!

F3 is hands down the best Physical, Mental, Emotional medicine for any man willing and able. It is an absolute honor and pleasure to be a part of this group. I love you all!





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