Ultimate Halloween F3 (1 year anniversary)



Ultimate Halloween F3 (1 year anniversary)

Q: Mr. T

14 PAX



  • 10 Merkins
  • 31 Side Straddle Hops
  • 18 Imperial Walkers

Mosey the loop while passing the pumpkin (basketball).  This was the highlight of my week… we looked like the globetrotters (in our heads)!

Head to the basketball courts

  • Divide into 2 teams (6 on each sideline and 1 on each foul line.
  • Everyone starts doing burpees until your team makes a could shot.
  • Every time your team makes a foul shot you tell the other team a new exercise
  • After 2 rounds we mosey to the baseball field

Home and back

  • 10 burpees @ home plate, run to right field
  • 31 plank jacks in right field, run to left field
  • 18 sumo squats, run home
  • Once you return home, then you zombie walked the bases (leg kicks with arms out)

Home and back

  • 10 reverse burpees @ home plate, run to right field
  • 31 plank jacks, run to left field
  • 18 air squats, run home
  • Burpees until the 6

Divide into 2 teams for a quick game of ultimate

  • Sorry Pony Express, I should have waited one more week until time change

Mosey back back to the AO

  • Circle up for some Mary
  • Tiny Dancer (I mean Batman) lead us in some Broga


  • Keep Niles brother Kim (Rainmaker) and family in your prayers. Kim was diagnosed with cancer and the prognosis was not what they would hope to hear.  Also, pray for Niles as he travels to visit.
  • Prayers for safety while families are out and about tonight.  Be mindful and drive slower than usual in neighborhoods


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