Screaming Eagle’s Halloween Extravaganza!

Date: 10/31/18

AO: Screaming Eagle

# of PAX: 11

THE PAX: Moab, EPO, Flight Nurse, The Real Franks, Nomad, Hooch, Turner, Sugarland, Stouffers, Tea Party

Q: Chicken Noodle

F3 workouts …

• Are free of charge

• Are open to all men

• Are held outdoors, rain or shine, heat or cold

• Are led by men who participate in the workout in a rotating fashion, with no training or certification necessary

• End with a Circle of Trust

Leave no man behind, but leave no man where you find him.

YHC is not a professional (shoot, I’m barely an amateur). You are here voluntarily. Modify as needed and don’t hurt yourself.

Happy Halloween F3 Screaming Eagles! Today, we party!


Monster Mash – pax circle up and lunge walk clockwise while the song “Monster Mash” is played. Every time you hear “mash” do a burpee. Over 30 in total.


If it’s Halloween, there must be pumpkins…

Pumpkin Run (run in a line while passing a pumpkin and last pax runs to front, repeat) to the parking lot by the basketball court

Are there going to be party games?…

BOBBING FOR APPLES – balls to the Wall with a merkin. 13 in total (the number of the day)

What’s Halloween without a scary movie? Next up…

MICHAEL MYERS (aka catch me if you can). Partner up and partner one runs backwards while partner two does three merkins. Switch to the end of the parking lot and then do the same thing back

Pumpkin run to the pull up bars

While Franks did provide black licorice as a competitor, I think the most controversial (you either love it or you hate it) candy is…

CANDY CORN – 13 minutes of pull ups, squats and merkins (all done 5 reps each before switching)

Pumpkin run back to the flag

Wait, what’s missing?….

TRICK OR TREATING – pax circle up and get on their six. One by one, pax take a piece of candy from the bowl with an exercise listed on it. 13 exercises, 13 reps (4 count):

– box cutters

– crunchy frogs

– flutter kicks

– scissor kicks

– gas pumps

– sweat angels

– American hammers

– LBCs

– Freddie Mercury’s

– Big boy sit ups

– hello Dolly’s

– Rosalitas

– E2Ks


– Today was a lot of fun. I’ve never exercised in full denim before but if you’re going to dress as Bob Ross, you gotta commit.

– Flight Nurse had a KILLER mullet

– All pax absolutely crushed it today

– EPO put out a pull up challenge for Screaming Eagle pax – training to do more pull ups than you’ve ever done – Friday, December 7 is our goal day. Join the #pullupparty

– Hooch laid out some encouragement for pax to post on Thursday’s

– Iron Island returns Saturday!

– Prayers for Tubbs and R-X – both getting over injuries and gearing up to run the half Sunday (along with EPO, Hoff and other F3 pax – crush it fellas!)

– Prayers for Stouffers family and especially his mom as she takes care of the family

This is way too fun to be free,




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