Quarantine Pod WOD

Date: 10/29/18

QIC: Wapner

AO: #og_ao

# of PAX: 16

PAX: Gravity, Jiffy Pop, Flight Nurse, Mr. Kotter, Fat Back, Smiles, Dixie Chick, Seahorse, Mayhem, Jordache, Gerber, Special K, SOL, Kraemer, Gumtree, Wapner

Warm-O-Rama: Down with the Sickness – played the namesake song and did a burpee every time the lyrics said “get down with the sickness” while performing SSH and High Knees during each refrain (changed exercises for each refrain). Total of 18 burpees.

The Thang: 3 Rounds of the Quarantine Pod WOD – Everyone grouped into 3s (with one group of 4). Two PAX paired up to perform a Mini-Dora while the third PAX moseyed down to the Quarantine Pod (yellow speed bump) for a burpdown. Each round was completed after all 3 partners performed burpees. Partners combined reps to break their third partner out of quarantine faster. Gotta sweat out that sickness!

Round 1: 50 Chest Press, 100 Squats, 150 LBCs & Dumbees/Coupon Burpee

Round 2: 50 Curl & Press, 100 Lunges, 150 American Hammers & jump squat burpees

Round 3: 50 Skullcrushers, 100 Single-Leg KB Deadlifts, 150 Wood Choppers & Contra Burpee (escalating # of Merkins up to 10 and down again)

COT: Many congratulations and prayers for Gerber’s 2.0 on the way! We will be praying for mama and for a healthy baby. Please lift up all of those affected by the synagogue shooting in Pittsburgh. Many of us are not Jewish but Jesus was and our faith is built on Judaism. Many prayers for @Niles and @Rainmaker. We pray for peace that surpasses understanding and for joy in these trying times. Also, don’t forget we have a new Wednesday-only AO at Halyburton Park.

F3 Credo: Leave no man behind, but leave no man where you find him.

Strong work today getting down with the sickness and surviving that quarantine burpdown! I’m honored to be able to lead such a great group of HIMs.

Court is adjourned! #Wapner




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