QIC: Flight Nurse

AO: Baywatch

# of Pax:26  Bonespur, LETC, Snickers, Pony Express, Bob Dole (FNG), Sooner, Spin Doctor, Manwich, Dream Liner, Hungryman, Tom Sawyer, Screen Door, Sunshine, Hover Round, Niles, Snap On, Coffeebean, Tank, Knucklepuck, Sprinkles, SOL, Average Joe , Special K, Footie, Dino, Busted Grill, Flight Nurse. (Special Shout out to Billy, IKE & IKEA)


Completely Stupid And Utterly Pointless Relay 2018

Teams of 4 Pax complete 1 of the obstacles, tag partner and then combine at 5th obstacle to race to the end.

1st-75 feet Tire Pull (self explanatory) {Spin Doctor should have been called John Deere}

2nd- Squat challenge -attach string with weight to the waistband of PAX, weight is hanging to knees. Squat down and drop weight to the bottom of 6 red solo cups which are buried in sand. Pax most hold 50lb sand bag while performing challenge. (LETC and Footie strong work)

3rd- Hot sauce challenge- Pax have to roll 3 of a kind, if not, Pax have to take a spoonful of sriracha, Roll again….no 3 of a kind…Tabasco, Roll again…….Scorpion Pepper sauce. Always have the option of taking all 3 at once to save time. Upon completion lunge walk with golfball on spoon (Bonespur’s hidden talent, my apologies Tom Sawyer).

4th- Spin-o-Rama- Pax spin 11 times (because 10 is pedestrian) and bear crawl to last obstacle (SOL is quite the twirler)

5th & Final- 4 Pax combine on 2×6 for coordinated walk. Teamwork is key here!!! This is where things even out. (Snickers, we let you down)

First one across finish moves on to second heat.

Winning team was LETC, KnucklePuck, Coffebean, Average Joe. Attaway fellas!

First and foremost, thanks to leadership for letting me put this together. Appreciate BoneSpur allowing me to piggyback on his Q. Monster respect to Snap-On and the engraved hatchets, they are awesome!!!

Huge T-claps for the Pax that helped not make this a complete fiasco. I learned alot!!!! Hope this was able to add a little fun to a chilly Saturday morning.

COT- Prayers and appreciation for the Pax that came in from out of town and the continued work that needs to be done.

Always honored to be a part of such HIM.

Flight Nurse out.


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