World Series – Wins and Losses



Pax: ShakeDown, Spark Plug (It’s his 9th Birthday), Sparky, Nozzle, Baby Huey, Zuckerburg, Oops, Bob The Builder, Ball Bearing, OTC, Sooner, Knuckle Puck, Bogey, Etch-A-Sketch, 10 Count

Q in Charge: EOM


30 Side Straddle Hops IC

20 Crossing the Mountain Climbers

20 Copperhead Squats

Line up in two lines, Mosey to the baseball fields. Pax in front calls out a running technique (“Hineys”, Butt Kicks, Kareoke, you get the picture) which is done for the span between speed bumps, when you reach the speed bump line leader drops to the back of the line.

Moseyed this way all the way to the batting cages at the baseball fields.

Divide into 2 teams that are pitted against one another.

Pax #1 does to merkins then does a barrel roll toward the end of the batting cage, then does 2 more merkins.  Rinse and repeat until all Pax on your team had completed the exercise the full length of the batting cages.  When waiting for the six – Al Freakin tree huggin, global not warming – Gore.  Winning team gets 5 bupees.  Losing team gets 10 burpees.

Mosey to the bleacher Start at the dug out. with crawl bear.  Move latterly using the gorilla walk, bear crawl until you made your way to the opposite dugout fence.  Winning team gets 5 burpees.  losing team gets 5 burpees.

Mosey in the dugout.  Team 1 goes in the home dugout, team 2 in away.  use the beams inside the dougout, like a monkey bars, but you have to move from one beam to the other in a bent arm pull up position.  When you get to the end you sprint the bases.  First team back home wins.  Winner 5 bupees, losers 10.

Similar set up for next round, but between each set of beam, you had to do 1 pullup. Once to the end of the dugout, run the baseline all the way to the outfield fence. all the way around and back down the other baseline. First team to get all of their pax across home plate wins. Winner gets 5 burpees, losers get 10.

Mosey to the pile of logs that are in the parking lot from the Hurricane Florence  Debri drop off area.  Each team of 8 partners up, partners up with someone on their team.  Play Catch me, if you can.  Pax #1 starts walk/running with heavy log.  Pax #2 completed 15 merkins the runs until he catches his partner then they switch.  first team, all the way around the baseball field wins.  Winner gets 5 burpees, loser 10 .

Mosey back to the AO in 2 lines.  Pax in the front loops around to the back. to pick up the six.  Jailbreak from the edge of the parking lot, back to the flag.


Strong work today men!  I enjoyed the banter and even some of the whining about how some things weren’t fair.  Blah, blah, blah.


Shout outs:

OTC pointed out that Shakedown is at 5 out of 7 work outs in a week!  Killin it!

Spark Plugs Birthday is today!  We sang him Happy Birthday!



Flo_cleanup is on for tomorrow.  Nozzle is looking for a ride. Who’s going to hook him up?

Ruth’s and Reflections this morning.


Prayer Requests:

Baby Back’s dad (and Mom).  His dad’s fighting through Dementia and Bipolar struggles.

Continued prayers for those who are struggling after Hurricane Florence.

There were more, but unfortunately I can’t remember them. Ugh. Good thing is, God heard us this morning, and He hasn’t forgotten.


EOM out.  Thanks for the opportunity guys!









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