Leland Full-on Dora Friday

QIC: Bluegrass

Date: 10/26/18

# of Pax: 11

PAX: Canoli, Mouse Trap, Stretch, Chauffeur, Pistol Pete, Bolt, Baby Daddy, Green Light, Sonic, Brady, Claven

Nothing like a little liquid sunshine to keep the PAX motivated this morning. Nothing Crazy in Leland today…my thoughts were KISS – Keep it simple son!

Warm Up

SSH – IC – x25

Cotton Pickers – IC – x25

Mountain Climbers – IC – x25

The Thang

Indian Run – 1 lap around the town hall path

During our Indian Run Sonic decided he wanted to lead the way…the whole time. Mouse Trap caught up with him and the two of them lead the rest of the Indian run from the front. Nice work gents!

Post Indian run we circled back up for one of my favorite exercises……

Circle Burp – 1 round

Full-On Dora Action

With my thought of the day of keeping it simple we did a basic 1, 2, 3, 4, 500 rep Dora.

While 1 Pax ran down and did 5 – Bobby Hurley’s the other started knocking out the following reps:

  1. 100 Plank Jacks
  2. 200 LBC’s
  3. 300 Squats
  4. 400 Merkins (modified to 300 to be less hated)
  5. 500 American Hammers – single count

Shout out to Chauffeur who was the only Pax not to modify his merkins during the 300 reps…on only his second workout. That’s some good ARMY training, Sir!!! Baby Daddy and Green Light managed to do something like 950 American Hammers….not sure about the math there. Strong work by all HIM!


Flutter Kicks – IC – x25

Freddy Mercury – IC – x25

Hello Dolly – IC – x25



Prayer for Mouse Trap co-workers newborn, our military members and our first responders.


Thanks for coming out to Leland AO for a bluegrass beat-down.

Bluegrass out!



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