Cannoli’s VQ – Welcoming “The Cooper”

Date: 10/19/18

Location: Leland Town Hall Park

QIC: Cannoli

# of PAX: 10

PAX: Bluegrass, Bolt, Mousetrap, Homer, Green Light, Clavin, Bradshaw, BabyDaddy, Snickers

The warm up involved a random 21 count to start things off, not because it was intended, but it was a screw up on the count by myself as the VQ.  All PAX went along with it and didn’t skip a beat.

Warm Up

Cotton Pickers x21 (IC)

Imperial Walkers x20 (IC)

SSH x25 (IC)

Indian Run around the park with Merkins (x10) for the man in the back (the long way)


The Cooper (OYO) with a catch up break in between each set

Set:      Start at platform and run to the cone and back (~ 50 yards each way) then complete Burpees, Squats, Merkins (x10 each). Repeat in a descending order from x10 down to x1.

The PAX were beat down and took a 10-count rest and turned it into a 25-count rest.

Mosey over to the COT starting point for an abs circle circuit.

LBC x20 (OYO)

Freddie Mercury x30 SC (OYO)

Mountain Climbers x40 SC (OYO)

Mosey back to the platform for a Zombie Walk.

Zombie Walk, slow walking lunge, from the platform down to cone, complete High Knees (x20), then Zombie Walk back to platform and complete Step Ups (x10).

Mosey over to the COT for a some Merkin/Plank work

Tempo Merkin x15  (IC)

Plank Switch x20 (IC) switching direction every fifth


Hurricane Florence clean up effort is still underway.

Cul de Sac BBQ this Saturday.

Prayers for the employees at the Brunswick Nuclear Plant as the organization goes through downsizing.

It was a true honor to lead these amazing #HIM for my VQ. I look forward to the next time and many more to come.

Cannoli OUT!





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