Operation Ghost Flag Replant and CAPTURE!

Date: 10/19/2018

Location: Hugh McRae Park

QIC: Venus

# of Pax: 43

PAX: Gravity, OTC, Happy Gilmore, Mr.Kotter,  Coffebean, Snap-On, Last, Spin Doctor, FNG Mr. Hand, Oops, Panama Jack, Zima, Kung Fu Panda, Blade, Mr. T, Bogey, Parrothead, Sooner, FNG Wrecking Ball, Flight Nurse, Ike, Chicken Noodle, Stouffers, Busted Grill, Dino, Ugly Stik, Bone Spur, Dixie Chick, Flounder, Special K, Gerber, Mayhem, Jiffy Pop, Trump, LETC, Sparky, Pony Express, 8- Penny, Knucklepuck, Bob the Builder, Etch a Sketch, Tiny Dancer.

On a special mission from Stingray on behalf of the Secretary of Peace for F3 Cape Fear, Tom Saywer, YHC brought the Ghost Flag with him to plant in the ground at HMP…who would take it back…STINGRAY OF COURSE!!!!!

Warm up –

SSh x54IC

Mountain Climber x30IC

Merkins x10IC


Mosey to the Loop around the pond.

Partner up. Partner 1 begins a Burpee Broad Jump around the pond. Partner 2 will run around the loop and will do 10 Welcome 90s(90 degree leg raise, hello dolly at the bottom) at the monument, 10 Squats at the back parking spots, 10 Pull Ups and 10 Dips at the Pull up bars. Once you are caught up with your partner, flip flop role. With every running lap, you increase your reps by 10. Most everyone was at 30 reps of each exercise when we stopped.

While on the way back to the COT, YHC decided to do a little Sprint. So we sprinted from one speed bump to the other then jailbroke it home.

After retrieving the 6, BTB let us in some PROTRACTOR.

COT/Skinz –

Prayers for our brothers who were not there for whatever reason

Prayers for the State Trooper who lost his life protecting us

Prayers for those who keep us safe

Prayers for EPO and Sir Mix as they run their 100 Mile race.

Cul de Sac BBQ this Saturday

Double Johnson BAYWATCH

Hurricane Florence Clean Up efforts still underway

Flight Nurse is doing a fun challenge OCT 27 at Baywatch. BE THERE!!!!

It is truly an honor to lead such a great group of #HIM. I love how we all came together over the Ghost Flag recapture and ceremonial planting. That is what the flag is for, COMRADORY! Who will get it next?!?!?!?!!?

Until Next Time…

Venus OUT!




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