Sunshine…and Indians

Sunshine….and Indians

Date: 10/12/18

Where: Stingray, The Monster Factory


# of pax 19

Pax:  Baby Huey, Butterfly, Dino, EOM, Etch-a-Sketch, Flounder, Knuckle Puck, Nozzle, OOPS, OTC, Panama Jack, Sooner, Sparky, Spin Dr, Sunshine, 10 Count, Ugly Stik, Wapner

YHC obtained a passport to head below the Monkey Junction line for the thrill of the Screaming Eagle AOs.  As a special treat Floppy Disk the F3Wilmington original IT Q (at the time he was IT Q for everything east of I-95 plus Raleigh) was there to join the beatdown.  Bone spur, your shoes were delivered and Franks was excited.  Here’s how the beatdown went down.


Seal claps IC x 38

Hill billies IC x 22

Cotton pickers IC x 18

The Thang

2 lines for double Indian run around the track back to the pull up bars. 

20 pull ups

40 merkins

60 squats

2 lines rinse and repeat. The pax does one lap and stops at pull up bars. 10 BURPEE penalty as the Q did call hault!  Continue Indian run to the little hut aka as shitter #2. 

20 mule kicks

40 wide arm merkins

60 shoulder presses

2 lines rinse and repeat Indian run to the shelter. 

20 box jumps

40 decline merkins

60 bench climbers

Mosey to Faith Hill for Elevens

Diamond merkins at the top. 

LBCs at bottom. 

2 lines Indian run back to the flag. 

Mary is Dino w the protractor. 


Lots of heavy prayers. Families w cancer. Some recent suicides. Lots of local families hurting from Florence. Praise for Bonespur 2.0 Farva helping muck a house and starting a gofundme page. #Impact. F3Raleigh and F3Carpex are all in on helping with our Flo recovery. We need to be also. 

Moleskin-  It is awesome seeing so many new pax swallowing the #drp (daily red pill). Sunshine, you kicking it on that last Indian run made my week. You have wheels. Keep posting and they’ll get greased up just like new. 

A pleasure and an honor to lead. 

That’s a wrap.

LETC – out



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