Date 10/11/18

AO Battleship

Q Hoff

Pax  Snickers, Sooner, Ugly Stik, Hard Wood, Tag A Long (South Charlotte), Flight Nurse, Other Portland (aka Olive Oil), Heisenberg, Niles, Baby Daddy, FNG Milton(-ious), 8-Penny.

I know: SHOCKER … Hoff’s actually doing a backblast! My bad, gents – life’s just been crazy. So I followed a brother into town this morning and he had the F3 sticker on the back of his car. Trying to think who it might be; then we stopped at a light and I saw it. A big ole ‘stache in the side rear view mirror – A-HA! Flight Nurse. Was even more pleasantly surprised when I arrived to find Sooner, Snickers and Stik. The boys from the  northern territory and from yonder over the bridge came to indulge the Hoff. YHC was honored!


Warm up with some mtn. climbers. Move quickly to upper body with wide grip merkins, carolina dry docks, little baby arm circles. Rinse and repeat. Single file mosey to the Customs House where the men buddy up and find some real estate around the fountain for 200 dips and 400 flutter kicks. One man climbs the nearby stairs as the other performs the exercise. Bear crawl three times around perimeter of Customs House courtyard, stopping after each lap for merkins and something Ugly Stik calls crunch-flutter kicks. Surprise: Modified APFT: 1 min timed push-ups and 1-minute timed sit-ups. YHC was challenged. Must be a millennial thing 🙂 Single file mosey back to the Hilton.


Prayers for Hurricane Flo and (now) Michael victims
Ongoing efforts by F3 to help area residents affected by Flo; see Slack for details
Formal BROlympics postponed; see Fight Nurse for details
Welcome Tag A Long from Charlotte
Gratitude for all military, EMS, first responders


Sooner = Stud
Ugly Stik – thanks for liking my new do
Glad to meet you Hard Wood; you are a lucky man
Other Portland – how did I derive “Olive Oil” from that?
8-penny – thanks for the company on the bear crawl
Snickers – how come you do that weird thing with your fingers at COT when you say your age? Is it a personal brand thing? Or is that a LeLand thing? A gang possibly?

Thanks for letting me lead and thanks even more for following!

Hoff, out!



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