Gravity’s B-Day Q

AO: #og_AO – HMP, Hugh MacRae Park
Time: 0530
Weather: clear, with a high degree of Gloomidity

# of Pax: 20
Pax: Mayhem, Trump, Seahorse, Venus, Gas Mask, Special K, Minecraft, Morpheus, Blade, Busted Grill, Capt Stubing, Flounder, Mr. T, Niles, The Adjuster, Ugly Stick, Parrot Head, Dino, Wapner & Gravity.

SSH x 4 IC
SSH x 8 IC
= 48 – its YHC’s birthday

Invert-a-Rico Run – guy in front steps out to do 5 burpees and sprints to become the 6. No more than 2 doing burpees at a time.

Complete the following circuit for each count
Pull ups
Toes to Bar
Merkins plus 10

Mary on the 6

M&M – mosey & mary to the tennis courts. Every 60 seconds, stop and complete a 25 count mary exercise 25 count IC.

Tennis Courts – Dora {MODIFIED for time]
Partner 1 – runs to the other end and completes 10 donkey kicks
Partner 2
48 – Turkish Get Ups
60 – Dead Stop burpees
50 in tandem – WWII Sit Ups
Squats on the 6

Jailbreak to the AO with some time for Mary

Protractor led by Parrot Head.

COT: Convergence on Saturday. Thanks to Gas Mask for driving from Leland to post at HMP – you are welcome back anytime. Give time if you can, the need is so great. YHC shared a short testimony of God’s grace.

It was an honor to start my 49th trip around the sun with you men.



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