4th Quarter Comeback – LAUNCH


4th Quarter Comeback Launch

Date: 10/05/2018

# of PAX: 9

Names: Gravity, Special K, Wapner, Mr. T, Blade, Trump, Minecraft & Mayhem
QIC: Gravity


9 dudes weighed in … we have a few virtual weigh ins coming. Get your weight, waist measurement at the belly button, and Blood Pressure to Gravity, If you want, call, or fax your doctor for the most recent scores. Also, the Save 30 Store has a discount to Any Lab Test Now in the Landfall Food Lion Center. Not all are after the same goal, some just want to lose a few pounds, some just want to lower their blood sugar.

The goal of this thing is to help hold each other accountable and weigh in every Friday. If you don’t post where Gravity is, please send in your weight. We’ll grab waist measurements once a month. Stay tuned to the slack channel for updates and information.

Gravity – out.



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