Where’s Waldo

QIC: Tiny Tank

Date: 10/4/2018

AO: Affordable Thursday

# of PAX: 5

PAX: Franks, Hooch, Waldo (Mountie), Tiny Tank, Tombstone

Four pax showed and stood around making small talk as the clock ticked ever closer to 0530. Waldo had promised to kick our a$$ this morning, but he was no where to be found when the clock struck time. Since the pax love Burpees so much YHC was nominated for the Q and the rest is history.

Warm Up:

25 x SSH IC

20 x Cotton Pickers IC

20 x Imperial Walkers IC

20 x Moroccan Night Club IC

Waldo was still eluding us after the warmup so we moseyed to the cinderblock pile and picked up our coupons for the days workout. Next stop Flamer’s wall.


The pax were still unable to find Waldo at this point so on with elevens.


Start at wall. Perform 10 squat presses with block and run to the sidewalk. Perform 1 Big Boy sit-up and run back to the wall. Repeat decreasing squat press by 1 and increasing Sit-ups by 1 until 10 are completed.

At the start of my 3rd set of sit-ups, YHC heard some pax yelling the found Waldo, but by the time I had finished he was gone again. Three sets later and the Waldo chatter was back again and they were right. We finally found Waldo and it was only 20 minutes into his Q!

YHC and the pax finished up their 11’s and I graciously offered Waldo the rest of the Q. He mumbled something about saving his “killer” workout for next week, so we continued on with YHC’s thrown together beat down.

Mosey to the front of the middle school and partner up for Dora 1-2-3.

Dora 1-2-3:

Pax 1 begins exercising at the end of the sidewalk while pax 2 runs to the middle school and preforms 5 x Hip Slappers. Pax switch and count cumulative exercises. Exercises are: 100 x Overhead Press w/ block, 200 x Curls w/ block, 300 x Chest Press w/ block.

Mosey back to flags for COT!


Strong work by all!

Waldo wants to redeem himself and has signed up to Q next weeks Affordable Thursday. If he can be found I’m sure it will be a good one!

Sign up to Q a day in October!

Always a pleasure to lead!

Tiny Tank



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