Playground Fun

DATE: 10/03/18


QIC: Tiny Dancer

PAX: Snickers, Special K, Seahorse, Dixie Chick, Mr. Kotter, Blade, Venus, Trump, Last, Bone Spur, Wreck It Ralph, Hoveround, Niles, Mayhem, Footy,Pony Express, Gum Tree, Captain Stubbing, Gravity, LETC, Sooner, Ugly Stick,

23 PAX posted at the OGAO today to join YHC in celebrating 4 years of F3.

Hillbilly IC X 25
Merkin IC X 20
Carolina Dry Dock IC X 15
Mountain Climbers IC X 20

Indian Run to the playground

Playground circuit
11 stations 10 reps at each station, exercises are:
Shuffle burpees
Lateral jump
Maktar N’Diaye
One-legged sit-stand
Inverted rows
Bench jump to incline merkin
Bulgarian split squat

No rest between stations, plank when you finish the circuit
1 minute rest then rinse and repeat for a total of 3 rounds
No time left for sprints

American Hammer IC X 20
Freddie Mercury IC X 20

Convergence at Baywatch 7:00 am Saturday followed by a workday- lots of muck-outs this week.
T-shirts for sale to benefit hurricane relief(awesome design as usual Etch)
4th Quarter Comeback starts this Friday – see Slack or contact Gravity for details

4 years ago Captain Stubbing and EPO encouraged me to come try out this small men’s workout group that had just started a few months earlier. EPO was the Q that day and I was named Tiny Dancer after I shared that my first concert was Elton John. I was hooked after the first day despite the ungodly hour.
I can’t imagine my life without F3 and all the HIM that have made me a better person.
Trump, Venus, Ugly Stick – thanks for visiting the OGAO, seemed like old times and reminded me that I need to visit other AOs more.
Sooner hope you enjoyed your first Wednesday post at OGAO – come again soon
Last- sweet beard, are you posing as a liberal hipster?
Thanks to all the regular Gorillaz for coming out and allowing me to lead.
It is an honor and a privilege.

Tiny Dancer



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