Field of Dreams x4

Date: 3 October 2018

QIC: Donut

Pax: Tombstone, Short Rib, Hooch, Crosswalk, Tea Party, Stouffers, Tiny Tank, Tubbs, Archie (FNG), Nomad, The Mounty, Rx

Thirteen men beat the sunrise and posted on a relatively comfortable and moonlit Wednesday morning.  Motivation was high, though few seemed to wear their math hats this morning.  Even counting to 4 became a challenge early on.  Note to self… if the next workout requires counting above 3, make sure the pax have some pre-reads the night before.  Three may be the magic number, but the number four can help us out in life (chambers in the heart, the number of electrons in beryllium, and number of titles UNC has won since I went to school there) and in our workouts.

Warm-up: SSH x20, seal claps x20, hillbillies x20, flutter kicks x20

Slow Indian mosey to the little league field.  Tombstone issued dire warnings about sink holes and certain death if we were to enter the grassy surface of Veteran’s Park.  Undeterred and willing to meet our maker, we entered the field and did a slow survey lap around the outfield.  Our goal was to simply notice if anyone suddenly disappeared.  If so, we would stop and try to find the sink hole and avoid it.  Alas, it was clear that the outfield was freshly mowed.  In absence of a herd of lightweight goats, I assumed that a tractor-type of vehicle must have gone before us.  Disaster averted.  No sink holes.  Let’s get to our math exercise.

The Thang: Sprint to right field and do 10 four-count smurf jacks.  Karaoke to center and do 10 four-count oblique crunches on each side (lay on your side and touch your elbow to your knee without bending your knee), Karaoke to left field and do 10 four-count Imperial squat Walkers.  Sprint home and complete 10 burpies.  Let’s do this x3.

But first…. Circle up and count off by fours…. “One” “Two” “Three” “One” “Two”…. Wait wait wait.  Four typically comes after three.  So let’s try that again with some coaching from the Q.  That did it.  Assume your station based on your number.  Jeez.

Even after the good-natured ribbing about not being able to count to four, several of the pax completely missed the whole four-count directive.  About halfway through, it was noted and the directive repeated.  Modify as needed, I suppose.  Even if you want to do only 25% of the workout.  No one is counting, right?

When you get done, the correct number of exercises or not, assume the people’s chair.

The infield looked inviting, so let’s do something similar.  Bear crawl to first and do 10 single-count standard merkins (I was done trying to explain the number four at this point), squat walk or lunge walk to second and complete 10 diamond merkins, squat walk or lunge walk to third and complete 10 offset merkins, squat walk or lunge walk to home and do 10 burpies.  Let’s do this x3, as well.

All pick up the six and keep them motivated!  Nice job.

Mosey back to the flag and we are done!

Announcements:  Convergence at Baywatch followed by community service.  Those pax that are in need of support from the F3 Cape Fear Foundation should reach out to board members or the site Q for information on how to apply.  Strictly confidential, but a short application will be required to ensure appropriate record keeping.

Prayers/vibes/happy thoughts: those that continue to be affected by Hurricane Florence, teachers, first responders, those that protect us, and all that seek the truth.

Moleskin: YHC had a blast.  I have been training for my first half-marathon and have neglected my Screaming Eagle brothers.  The race is in a month and look forward to becoming more of a regular.  It was truly fantastic to hear the pax laughing, breathing heavy, and enjoying being outdoors given what we have all gone through over the past couple of weeks.  I needed it for sure.  Thank you for allowing me to lead.

Tombstone – thanks for looking out for the pax.  Strong work by FNG Archie.  Way to finish strong Stouffer!  Everyone got stronger today!








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