PREBLAST – 4th Quarter Comeback


4th Quarter Comeback – Preblast

Q: When does it start?
A: Friday, October 5th, at HMP #og_AO. We will move the AO weekly if necessary to improve participation.

Q: How will it work?
A: We will start with a baseline of the following data points:
– Weight (Gravity has a scale)
– Waist measurement at the belly button (Gravity has a tape)
– Total cholesterol score
– A1C (blood sugar)
– Blood pressure
Weekly, on Fridays we will measure the participants’ weight. Monthly we will check the waist measurement. At the end of the quarter (1st week of January) we will ask everyone to get the blood work updated and post the cumulative results in a backblast. Individual PAX can elect to have their individual results posted.

Q: What should I do before get started?
A: Right now, the Save 30 store online is offering a discount of 30% on the tests at Any Lab Tests Now (Landfall Food Lion Center). Otherwise, you can call or fax your doctor asking for the most recent scores (hopefully from the last 6 months). This is an important part of the nutritional change. Secondly, figure out the nutrition plan you want to start. You can customize it to your needs, or pursue a Whole 30, Paleo, Keto, Adkins, Vegetarian, Vegan, Weight Watchers, Clean Eatz, Gluten Free, portion control or whatever you want. The point is to declare it so the others can help hold you accountable. Third, clean out your pantry and refrigerator. Its important to start over if you are ready to make a significant change. Lastly, join the 4th-quarter-comeback channel on Slack and post at HMP on 10/5/18.

Q: Who should participate?

A : Anybody looking to lose weight, change their nutrition, change their lifestyle or reduce critical markers such as A1C (blood sugar), Cholesterol and/or blood pressure. Even if your goal is 10 pounds, this might be for you.

Q: What else should I expect?
A: In true F3 tradition we will help motivate each other. We will treat this like a small group (2nd F), and individuals are encouraged to plan lunches and other meals together to discuss choices and options in a business/casual/public environment. This is a support network of guys making a change in their lifestyle – we are not alone, and we don’t have to struggle. YHC would also like to set up a text thread so we can post what we are eating, resisting eating, sharing recipes and the daily challenges of life (stress, boredom, rewards, sweets, watching football).

Q: Who can I talk to beforehand if I have any stupid questions I don’t want posted on Slack?
A: Gravity can be texted at 910-619-3430.

Q: Who’s Motivated???


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