Praise be to my Rock!

Date: 10/1/18

QIC: Special K

AO: Heavy Metal Monday

# of Pax: 25

Pax: Gravity, Snap-on, Tiny Dancer, Deputy Dog, Baby Back, Tom Sawyer, Out of Portland, Gerber, Seahorse, LETC, Wapner, The Adjuster, Dixie Chick, Krammer, Mayhem, Pony Express, FNG- Gumtree, Bone Spur, Fungi, Jordache, Short Bus, Pinch, Captstubing, Special K


SSH x 41 IC

CP x 20 IC

MNC x 21 IC

Frog squats x 15 IC

The Thang:

Mosey from AO to park entrance. 10 decline merkins at each speed bump. 41 total merkins.

Select Rock at park entrance and mosey to the tennis court. Rock work out inspired by:

2 Samuel 22:47

“The Lord lives! Praise be to my Rock! Exalted be my God, the Rock, my Savior!


Rock Composition:

Granite is a light-colored plutonic rock found throughout the continental crust, most commonly in mountainous areas. It consists of coarse grains of quartz (10-50%), potassium feldspar, and sodium feldspar. These minerals make up more than 80% of the rock. Other common minerals include mica (muscovite and biotite) and hornblende (see amphibole). The chemical composition of granite is typically 70-77% silica, 11-13% alumina, 3-5% potassium oxide, 3-5% soda, 1% lime, 2-3% total iron, and less than 1% magnesia and titania. Volcanic rock of equivalent chemical composition and mineralogy is called rhyolite. Granites are the most abundant plutonic rocks of mountain belts and continental shield areas. They occur in great batholiths that may occupy thousands of square kilometers and are usually closely associated with quartz monzonite, granodiorite, diorite, and gabbro.

15% metalic compositon= Heavy Metal! 

15 stations at tennis court using rock. Suicide sets the pace or 41 reps

Goblin squats, bicep curls, clean and press, skull crushers, suicide, rock swings, rows, chest press, overhead swings, run a lap, moving pushup, shoulder press, dips, bobby hurleys, bear crawl/heals to heavens

Mosey to the park entrance and return our rocks

Mosey from entrance to AO for mary.  10 decline merkins at each speed bump. 41 total merkins.

@Gerber suggested LBCs x41 for mary

COT: Welcome @gumtree!

@tinydancer has his 4 year anniversary Q Wednesday

@gravity has his birthday Q Friday

Florence convergence clean up will continue on Saturday

Bro Olympics October 27

Continued prayers to all impacted by Florence, continued blessings to all contributing locally (both organizations and individuals)

Thank you all for attending my VQ/B-DayQ

Special K





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