Leland Metal Mania – Bluegrass beatdown

QIC: Bluegrass

Date: 10/1/18

# of Pax: 5

PAX: Backdraft, Brady, Gas Mask, Roadkill, Snickers

What a glorious morning to move some metal around at the Leland AO. We started it out with a quick warm up so we could get right into the heavy stuff…

Warm Up

SSH – IC – x20

Mountain Climbers – IC – x15

Cotton Pickers – IC – x15


The Thang

Today was a full on Dora…it was easy with an even number. While the 1st PAX ran a loop around the grass square the 2nd PAX chipped away at the following exercises:

Round 1

PAX#1 – kettlebell loop around the square

PAX#2 – 100,200,300,400

  • 100 – kettlebell swings
  • 200 – deadlifts
  • 300 squats
  • 400 curls

Round 2

PAX#1 – kettlebell loop around the square

PAX#2 – 100,100,100

  • 100 – around the world’s
  • 100 – american hammers (single count)
  • 100 – halo’s

I changed my routine on the spot this morning…my initial thought was to do a 30 second count of balls to the wall instead of the weighted loop around the square. The grass was a little wet, I didn’t have gloves and all I could see was my arms giving out or a hand slipping. Leaving me falling nose first into the ground…and I’ve got a big nose. Plus Mac&Chuck said he was going to be posting this morning…and I thought no better way for him to live up to his name than by him well upchucking…but as you can see about he didn’t show.


Plank-o-Rama – 10 count per PAX and position changes

Freddie Mercury – IC – x20

Flutter Kicks – IC – x20

Box Cutters – IC – x15

Hello Dolly – IC -x15 (thanks for the assist Brady)



Prayers for Gas Mask and divine provision. Gas Mask like others was hit hard by the storm and is dealing with what was left after the waters receded. Prayers for our first responders and our military.


Backdraft – Thanks for joining us this morning in the gloom. It was nice to meet you.

RoadKill – Hope you back gets to feeling better brother.

Snickers – You were killing it this morning…pretty sure as my partner you did more reps of each than I did!

Brady – Strong work as usual – thanks for the assist during the Mary – I think Gas Mask enjoyed the Hello Dolly’s!!

Gas Mask – thanks for posting this morning. We look forward to seeing you more often out in the gloom.

Announcements – BROLYMPICS October 27th, Cook-out on the 20th


-Bluegrass, out!






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