Rev Up the Reps!!!



11 Pax












Rev Up the Reps!!!


20xCotton Pickers

25xImperial Walkers

30xMoroccan Night Club

35x SSH

2xCircle Burp w/ High Knees

Puerto Rican Run towards Gordon finishing on fields

Partner Up

1st Man: Bear Crawl to 10Yard Line, 10 Burpees, Backwards Bear Crawl Back, Switch with Partner

2nd Man: Flutter Kicks AMRAP, Switch with Partner

1: Lunges to 20Yard Line, 20 Merkens, Reverse Lunges Back, Switch with Partner

2: Heels to Heaven AMRAP, Switch with Partner

1: Run High Knees to 30Yard Line, 30 SSH, High Knees Backwards Back, Switch with Partner

2: Legs 6″ Hold, Switch with Partner

1: Butt Kick Run to 40Yard Line, 40 Squats, Butt Kick Run Backwards, Switch with Partner

2: Low Plank

1:Sprint to 50Yard Line, 50 LBC’s, Sprint Back

2: High Plank

Mary till Six

Mosey to sandbags


Partner 1: Wall Sit

Partner 2: With Sandbag

5 Tricep Extensions

10 Overhead Press

15 Bicep Curls

20 Bag Chest Press

Switch with Partner

Jail Break to COT


Strong Work to everyone pitching in to help communities get back to normal after storm. Continued prayers for safety of those affected and those helping. Bogey’s Grandma was recommended to go through Chemo at 84 years old after operation. Strength for her and the family to kick caner’s A$$ and come out stronger! Natives foot needs some healing, though he is saying he is good to go and drop that fartsack. Sparky’s back twinge today, get some strength, rest and healing. Spin Doctor & LETC thanks from Sooner for going with to crawl under post-flooded house to remove insulation today.


These PAX Revved Up the Reps and endured a VQ Beatdown without splashing merlot… Thanks for being there today and I am honored, encouraged and a better man getting smoked in the gloom with you guys!



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